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High quality horses, service providers and an equestrian community
Find qualified horses, trainers, breeders, equine professionals & service providers – globally.
Create your own profile and share important information about you, your business and your horses.
Search breeds, bloodlines, show records and geographic areas to find the perfect horse.
Important information available on demand
Can store health, show, shipping and sales records all in one place.
Photos, medical documentation, x-rays and many more documents: all data is encrypted and on demand accessible.
Keep full control over the data of your horses.
Market your profession, horses for sale, your business and expand your global network.
Receive first-hand-information and take advantage.
Share important news and activities. Your contacts and follower will be notified
A global horse network where buyers, sellers, breeders and businesses can interact directly with each other.
Riders, trainers
Promote your qualifications
Expand your professional network
Share your activities and successes
Horse owners & breeders
Record the development of your horses
Manage all important documents centrally
Share data individually and timely limited with prospective clients
Service providers & companies
Share your offers and activities with your target audience
Expand your client base as groom, farrier, veterinarian, equine professional ...
Contact your clients and improve your client loyalty
Our Board of Advisors
Dr. Kai Kreling
FEI-veterinarian, owner of a horse clinic and a horse-health platform, horse appraiser
Ulrich Kirchhoff
Showjumper, Olympic double-gold medallist, international trainer
Mary Ann Simonds, MA
Expert for marketing and specialist for equine behavior
Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst
International showjumper, coach and trainer
Thomas Kessler
Dressage trainer, international FEI-judge
Uwe Xanke
International appraiser für horse breeding, horse husbandry and training
The global horse platform for professionals, businesses and services.
Our partners and investors
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Ulrich Kirchhoff Turnier- & Ausbildungsstall
Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst Springsport
Pferdegesundheit Rhein Main
Fintech United Group
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LMM Investment Controlling
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